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Music Theory in a Day


When I first started producing using FL Studio, I winged it. I knew absolutely NOTHING about music but I knew how to get what was in my head into a beat. I knew guys who took band classes and went to special music schools but at the time, I didn’t like learning the traditional style of music. It bored me to tears. So, I thought all music was boring, until I found an easy to follow system which taught me music theory in a day.

Today, I want to give you some of the most valuable information you can find if you want to learn music theory. I have crafted quick videos below to show you some cool techniques to get your started. Music theory is more than just chords, it involves progressions, scales and other aspects which will help you make great melodies and songs.

Your beats won’t be a bunch of random notes anymore. This course will solve it all for you within a day. Originally, this course was made to be taken over 30 days, but now we have compressed the information for you to watch in one sitting.  This new product gives you the hidden codes behind music theory and how to see it for what it is. We are making it easier to understand than most of the courses out today.  We even gave you two free videos to show you the power of using only one technique! This course is organized into 9 sections which will guide you through the process of learning music theory and creating great songs and melodies. It’s easy. No boring staffs or outdated ways of teaching.  The universities don’t like that we are educating producers with this course. They hate us for making music theory seem so easy. They want you to think it’s difficult so you will spend $2,500+ on a single course on part of the theory. That’s ludicrous! Don’t waste time or money when you can learn theory in a DAY.

This course was developed for beginners and will even help the advanced players simplify their approach to theory. This course has been in the works for some time now and is finally ready for you.  With over 20,000 producers demanding this course, we believe this course will do you much good. You NEED theory to have the advantage over other producers. If you don’t know theory, you will be bound to making mediocre songs.  The community at BusyWorksBeats.com has spoken, and we have delivered what you wanted. A music theory course easy enough for a ten year old to understand. Learn why producers like Ryan Leslie, Timbaland, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and more all stand out apart from their competition. They know theory.

Real Stories from Real Producers

Easy Videos

► Easy to understand instructional video

► Song Elements Explained

► Watch in a Day or Take Your Time over 30 Days

► Easy to Reference Videos

► Straight to the Point Videos

► Experience the Next Level of Music Production

► Learn How to Make Beats Faster with Theory

Music Theory Explained

→ Skip the boring University lectures and Learn Music Theory Fast

→ Make Fulls Songs and Not JUST Loops

→ Fully Understand the Hit Songwriting Formula

→ Learn Music Theory for the Modern Producer

→ No Specific DAW required

→ Fully Express Your Musical Talents

Everything Explained

• Learn to Make ANY Chord
• Learn How to Change Chords Easily
• Learn How the Common Scales Work
• Learn How to Make Great Melodies
• Learn How to Make Chord Progression
• Learn Chord Tricks
• Learn How to Make Effective Basslines
• No Confusing Vocabulary
• No Degree Needed: Easy to Understand Videos a Ten Year Old Could Understand

What's Inside

  • Secret Chord Code System-Create ANY Chord
  • How to Create Chords by Shape
  • Major and Minor Scale Codes
  • Blues, Melodic Minor, and Harmonic Minor Scale Codes
  • How to Create Chord Progressions
  • How to Expand Chords
  • How to Create Melody
  • How to Write Full Songs
  • Bonus-Music Theory Essentials Preview Mini Course
  • Why Traditional Music Theory is so Complicated
  • What is a Chord?
  • What is a Melody?
  • What is a Chord Progression?
  • How to Make Long Chord Progressions
  • How to Write Melody from the Mind
  • How to Create Inspirational Chords
  • How to Make Interesting Bassline
  • How to Make Jazzy Chord Progressions
  • How to Create Melodies Using Chords
  • Circle of 5ths Simplified
  • Circle of 4ths Simplified
  • Writing Full Songs-Genres: Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, RnB
  • Chord Midi for Any DAW
  • Original course included for more detail
  • Scales and Scale Degrees
  • Song Structures


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    Music Theory in a Day