Zoom Music Theory Essentials (Music Theory Bundle)

Music Theory Essentials (Music Theory Bundle)


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Even after attending University level music courses, Music Theory still seemed complicated to me some years ago. I never understood why traditional schooling made things so complicated. One reason is because they used outdated sheet music and dead language.

This past week, we gave you many videos about music theory because we want you to experience how easily it is to learn music theory when you use our system. No more guessing chords and melody notes or stressful internet searching trying to find answers to your many music problems.

This new system gives you the approach and understanding you need to answer your own problems when songwriting. It gives you the WHY, so you don't just do things because you were told to memorize them.

A few years back in University I had an awesome song but the technicalities of music theory limited me more than helped me. That's because I was taught music theory in the conventional sense. When you learn the real way, you will have more creativity and less restriction.  That's because we use pure numbers which were designed by nature. And as Jay-Z says, Numbers don't lie. It only left me with the question as to why they make music theory so complicated.

One of the reasons traditional music theory confuses us is because the whole system is corrupt from the beginning. Some guy gave things names "just because" and forced everyone else to memorize those names.

Secondly, we are taught everything based on scales. Scales are man-made. That's why chords are so confusing. You can check the videos below as to why music theory is so confusing but these are just a few reasons.

We teach you a new approach to music theory while also referring to the traditional system. You need to know both because one teaches you pure chord language and the other is used to communicate with other musicians.

This system is so easy to comprehend, we recommend it for ten year olds. That's because we don't use outdated language or complicated concepts. We guide you step-by-step through each understanding so you can have your music theory pyramid stacked evenly.

Many Music Industry veterans, Music colleges and industry artists hate when we reveal these easy systems because they don't like competition. If the average person found out how easy music theory really was, there would be: less one-on-one lessons; less years wasted in college; and less pointless textbooks sold. We're not here to advocate dropping out or not going to college, what we want you to understand is that music comes from the heart and expressing it can be easier than you think. We want you to express those masterpieces in your heart and not have to wait 4+ years struggling through a system with poor results.

We have two main systems in this package. One teaches pure chords and the other teaches traditional music theory. We have included bonus materials and concepts in this package for you to discover for yourself.

This package was in the works for 2 years and now it is available to you. Three best selling courses at BusyWorksBeats.com: Music Theory in a Day; Chord Magic; and Melody Magic plus new bonus material.

The New Producer Community on Facebook helped craft this package for you. If I never took the leap of faith in finding my answer, I would never have a fluent music theory approach so don't make the same mistake.

Even with resistance from many pros in the industry, Music icon Rodney Jerkins showed his love for the chord codes and our teaching style. (as seen below)

This offer will only be available for a short time so claim yours now.

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  • Easy Music Theory

    Learn the foundations of music theory with ease. Learn how notes go together with harmony and much more

  • Create Chord Progressions

    Create dynamic chord progressions with this system

  • Master Magic Melodies

    Make magic Melodies using our sure-fire system

  • Complete Your Compositions

    Learn how to get past writer’s block and complete your songs with ease

3 Full Music Theory Courses in 1

Includes Music Theory in a Day

Includes Chord Magic

Includes Melody Magic

New Bonus Material Includes

Modes Explained

Advanced Chord Sequencing

Genre Specific Chords

Super Scales

Secret Chord Codes Chart

Special Songwriting System

How to find the key of any song

and More…

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Music Theory Essentials (Music Theory Bundle)