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Do you love writing songs and get stuck completing your melody?

I used to have the same problem when I was gaining experience as a music producer. My mind would create beautiful leads, riffs and harmonies but when it came time to translate that thought into a real song, it seemed like I was the biggest dunce in the world. I couldn't get my song to sound quite like the melody I heard in my head.

Imagine visiting your favorite music store in the latest shopping mall. Walking into the store with extra cash from your last paycheck and slamming the money on the counter demanding the clerk lead you to a brand new electric guitar. As you drool over the shine from the guitar you think of all the magic you will create when you return home. You quickly complete the transaction and floor it on your way home. As you get in the house, you jet up the staircase and into your man-cave.  You flick on the lights and load up your favorite DAW. At this point, you are practically salivating at the mouth in anticipation to finally use your brand new guitar. As you open your favorite DAW, you plug in your new guitar and get ready for recording. Then it hits you, you have NO idea how to start writing the melody for your song. You begin to realize the riff you have in your mind is beyond your ability to recreate, in the moment. You freeze. After closing the room window, from a freshly tossed computer monitor, you slowly calm down from the frustration. Woo-Sahh.

That is what it feels like to get writer's block when writing melody. You could have the best 808 bass, the best hi hat rolls, and slapping snares but the melody, the MELODY is not there.

Melody is the number one aspect of a song which gets memorized by the listeners of the world. Without melody, what song do you really have at all?

I know how it feels to go through this frustrating cycle of writer's block and that's why I created this course for you.

I can remember those hard days slaving at the keyboard trying to come up with something. Now, I can create melodies straight from my mind because I applied every concept outlined in this course. I am glad to share that system with you today.  When you download your course from the email, you will be one step closer in achieving an ease of mind when writing melodies.

Music does not have to be complicated.

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→ Skip the boring University lectures and Learn Melody Now

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Everything Explained

• Learn the Core Melodic Elements

• Learn How to Write Melodies with Scales

• Learn How to Create Harmonies

• Learn How to Make Great Melodies

• Learn How to Create Long Melodies for Songs

• Learn Bridge Writing Tricks

• Learn How to Make Effective Top-Line Melodies

• How to Spice Up Your Melodies with 4ths and 5ths

• How to Make Your Melodies More REAL

• How to Generate Mood in Melody

• The Hidden Factors of Melody Revealed

• No Confusing Vocabulary

• No Degree Needed: Easy to Understand Videos a Ten Year Old Could Understand

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