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Hey friend,

Imagine coming home from 7 hours of pure torture we call school lol and walking into your house to only run straight to the computer room. You boot up your favorite DAW and get straight to making beats. 

That was me 75% of my high school sentence. Yes, sentence lol.  Homework could take a back seat, I wanted to learn how to use FL Studio 5 to make beats because I heard a friend talk about Cakewalk and his CD Mixtape. (I know I'm old lol)

I remember staying up all times of night just to finish my beats with 808s and sample songs. I was obsessed at learning how to make beats.

And to think I started out rapping and making freestyles 🙂

I know the journey of loving music and the joy of creating a masterpiece. I know what it feels like to stay up all night because you're entrenched in a new technique or plugin.

I've spent years learning and applying what I've learned and I can save you YEARS of time by consolidating all those years into one simple course for you.

I have made over 3,000 tutorials on beat making alone and have trained over 600,000 producers around the world. I also see the common mistakes in their tracks when we do live feedback.

That's why I have the insight to show you how to make beats alot easier and sound like my Grammy winning friends. What's stopping you are simple little tricks they use all the time. I will share those with you.

Enjoy your new course ! 🙂

Game, BusyWorksBeats.com

Make Beats That Sound Like the Pros

Easy to Follow Beat Making Tutorials

Easy to Customize Project Templates

Beat Projects:
- FL Studio
- Ableton

Save Time and Lower the Learning Curve

Royalty FREE Song stems to use for practicing Mixing

Modern Sounds for Modern Beats

Drums and FX in WAV format for your beats

No Details Left Unturned

In this course package, I go in-depth and explain WHY and HOW to do things in the art of beat making.

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