Will AI Take over the Music Industry?

Will AI Take over the Music Industry?

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Artificial intelligence is creeping up on the music industry silently. As everyone brushes off the new threat, AI sneaks in through the back door to take over.

Here are the ways AI will disrupt the music industry:
  1. Spotting music trends faster than any human
  2. Observing patterns of hit songs
  3. AI virtual artists
  4. AI DJ driven playlists
  5. Write contracts
  6. Personalized customer journeys
  7. Micro music testing in AI playlists
  8. Work endlessly and for much less
  9. Musical interpolation
  10. Multi-stem generation

1. Spotting music trends faster than any human

AI can read faster than humans, calculate at near light speed, and remain objective about frequency based content. 

At the end of the day, music is math and numbers. All digital content can be duplicated and broken down into numbers.

AI will be used to spot trends and breakout niches before any human or agency will detect them.

AI like ViralViews.co keeps users updated on trends in multiple industries.

2. Observing patterns of hit songs

What if I told you Facebook aka Meta has 52,000 data points on each user. Do you know 50,000 things about your best friend? 

As much as we think there is no formula, there is one. We humans just cannot solve for the higher variables in the equation. But quantum computers CAN.

Yes, music is a people business. But what happens when the "people" are AI gatekeepers?

Meet Spotify's new AI DJ

3. AI Virtual Artists

Expensive tour riders, costly wardrobe, endless risk and artistic rebellion may be diverted with virtual artists.

We're already conditioned to like cartoon personalities: Spongebob, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and the Disney brands.


What if those character went on tour and used holograms to perform?

Even when you're front and center at a concert, do you really know the artist? Can't a hologram just replace the animated motions...

If you think this is crazy, check out these virtual influencers with MILLIONS of followers

I can bet followers would love to hear music from these animated characters.

4. AI DJ Driven Playlists

As mentioned above, Spotify launched an AI DJ to control playlists. This addition promises a more personal experience to discover new music and serve the customer even more deeply.

Spotify Debuts a New AI DJ

5. AI Can Draft Your Music Contracts

What? No more waiting days for simple revisions...no more back and forth to jack up your time cost?....no more being last priority? Who would've thought the white collar jobs would be disrupted by AI.

You can now draft your own contracts using AI

ChatGPT by OpenAI can complete that exact service

6. Personalized Customer Journeys

After a customer orders merch, they are welcomed with a personalized email with their first name and all their customer details. Following the thank you letter, the AI serves them daily and weekly emails customized to their purchase and offers any relevant peripherals.

This makes AI somewhat of a personal shopper in a sense. Like having a dedicated salesmen guiding you through the value of the company.

Marketing is all about segmenting and this accelerates the idea of segmentation which takes it to a granular level.

Companies like Zoho are leading the charge to take on the challenge.

7. Micro Music Testing in AI Playlists

Marketing is about testing a hypothesis by sending out a control into the market and testing variables against the control.

This means AI can test their iterations on microscopic segments of your audience due to its ability to personalize a customer experience.

This means they can test ideas and see if they will scale without the waste of ad dollars, human resources, or confusion in team meetings.

The Harvard Business Review expounds upon the topic.

8. Work Endlessly and for Much Less

It's simple. With cloud computing, microchips that can do get a masters degree in Calculus in under a microsecond lol, and machine learning...AI can simply outwork ANY man and ANY country.

If you want more stats on how AI will transform the workforce, review this article by the WEF (World Economic Forum)

9. Musical Interpolation

 With multiple copyrights in music, who's to say AI can't remake a hit song in its own musicality?

With AI like OpenAI Jukebox, AI can chop a song into micropieces and rearrange the sounds in any way. In some models, they also use white noise to refine results.

10. Multi-Stem Generation

In the music business, companies are starting to license the tech behind stem making software AI. This means, you can take any song and separate it by the instrument.

Say I take Kanye West's Flashing Lights, I can break it down into the drums, vocals, bass, and instruments.

This means companies won't need to get the master recordings from the rights holders, they can extract the stems at their own will...whether approved or not.

Companies like iZotope (RX 10) and Lalal.ai are popular solutions for this intent.


In short, AI will wipe the current state of music faster than anyone can imagine. AI has been here, we just didn't detect it or know about it. And I didn't even get into the music generating AI...

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