The Next Billion Dollar Taste & Music Business • Duránd F. Davis Jr.

The Next Billion Dollar Taste & Music Business • Duránd F. Davis Jr.

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Duránd F. Davis Jr. is a 34-year old Choctaw-Native American tech entrepreneur, software & sound engineer, venture capital investor, musician, graphic & fashion designer and philanthropist. He currently resides in Los Angeles by way of his hometown Detroit and birthplace Chicago.

He is the Founder — Chairman, President & CEO of LavLabs Inc., a consumer-internet technology company on a mission to help build community and advance human experiences. LavLabs’ Flagship Products include the iLodRadio App, the first of its kind Super Music App and multi-musicality platform where people can hear, engage, earn & learn. Also, the Yuhmmy App, the first of its kind Social Taste App and Drop-in audiovisual platform where people can Discover, Experience and share anything tasty across the 5-Star Experience: Food, Drinks, Sweets, Snacks & Cannabis.

He is also the Co-founder (alongside his wife Maya Elz Davis) of MDFG Inc., a multi-financial services company where it houses a venture capital firm, hedge fund, private equity firm, FinTech arm, investment bank, securities firm, real estate and insurance divisions.

He spends his time Fathering six kids, playing instruments, recording/vocal engineering, sketching, helping start-ups, reading and researching.

To learn more about Duránd visit:

To learn more about (and register for) the upcoming apps visit: The Super Music App

The Social Taste App

To learn more about LavLabs visit:

To learn more about investing in LavLabs join the Zoom on Saturday April 3, 2021 at 9:00 A.M. PST here:

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