Show Em' What You Got

Show Em' What You Got

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Most of us are motivated by an external source. Extrinsic motivation is dangerous because when the external source is removed or ceases to stimulate us, we stop our activity. That’s not good if you aim to build a long term business.

Inspiration pulls you into what you love. Motivation pushes you away from what you fear. Better you follow what you love than be motivated by a temporary source of stimulation. Nothing is worse than building a huge empire only to stop and have the newly acquired maintenance overtake you.

Be inspired and let your light shine. You will attract more opportunities than you can believe simply by projecting your greatness everyday. You pursuing mastery will inspire others to do the same. People love watching a master at work.

Make it your mission to elevate every room you step in. Make it your purpose to show love. All you have to do is show up and BE YOU. It sounds simple because it is. Most of us suffer because we’re trying to be someone we are not. We’re trying to match a standard set upon us by society. 

Know who you are and show ‘em what you got! The way you process information is different from the way others process information. You can view the same circumstance and have two completely unique perspectives upon the matter.

Understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. You should be pulled by inspiration to do things you love. If you find yourself temporarily motivated by negative circumstances and short term rewards, understand that this could be the result of past traumatic experiences. 

Understanding the root of your behavior will help you sort out your internal chain of reactions which will allow you to rearrange the chain to serve you. This will require you to adjust your core beliefs.

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