Busy Works Beats Chord Code PDF

Busy Works Beats Chord Code PDF

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Apparently, there's a secret chord code chart that Busy Works Beats released to explain his chord codes approach to music theory which allows producers to make chords instantly without any previous knowledge of music theory.

Interesting...Here's a quick video on how to use chord codes.

The holy grail chord code pdf can be found here

You can download it and save to your phone for quick reference to different chord types. 

No more memorizing scales and chords by scale degrees. Now, you can use the chord code method to quickly draft chords, THEN, use music theory for the rest.


How to Use the Chord Codes

1. Pick any note on the keyboard piano. This is your Zero point (Point of rest)

2. Pick a chord code you wish to complete, let's choose Minor (0-3-7)

4. Start at the zero point and count up your keyboard until you finish the code

(Your Zero point is your root note in this case)

Example - Starting at A (0) count up the keyboard to finish the chord code.
A (0)  -  C (3)  -  E  (7)

5. Play all the notes together to play your given chord. This can be done with any chord type listed on the chart for download here

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