Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

What Makes a Hit Song? Reading Believe in Yourself 2 minutes Next Show Em' What You Got

It sounds so cliché… “believe in yourself.” What does that even mean? Of course I believe in myself, I exist. That’s what most of us think when we hear the vastly overused idiom. But, what if I told you that wasn’t the whole story?!

To believe in yourself means to have confidence in your abilities. To love yourself and accept your decisions to be true. To know you’re doing the right thing without complete evidence of results.

Confidence means ‘with trust’... To believe in yourself, you must have full trust in your proven abilities to create results even if those results are not yet materialized. 

Do you believe in yourself? You will be your first fan…You will be your first sale…You will be your first supporter. No one will work harder at your dream and your vision than you. You can hire the world’s best operators BUT what they don’t have is the inner conviction and purpose that you have for YOUR vision. It’s YOURS, not theirs. 

If  you want them to care, you have to make it feel like YOUR vision is THEIR vision by allowing them to contribute and have equity (ownership) of the results you create.

Believe in yourself. You’ve overcome the odds of being born into a physical human body - 1 in 400 Trillion. Just to give you context…the odds of winning the powerball are 1 in 292 Million. And if you don’t understand the difference between millions and trillions, you can stack one million dollars up to match the height of a dining chair whereas stacking 1 Trillion dollars will surpass two and a half times the height of the International Space Station from earth.

Whenever you feel down, understand, you’ve already overcome the most incredible odds in the universe. You’ve already won, win again!

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