Be Human

Be Human

The most powerful sentence I’ve ever read in the Bible was “Jesus wept.” A two word sentence that meant a thousand words. Why was this sentence so hard hitting? Because a god-like figure (God representative in the human form) became fully human. It connected the idea of deity and humanity.

Your audience wants to know you’re a human like them. People resonate with their reflection. When you display the traits, beliefs and characteristics your audience sees within themselves, you bond with them more deeply.

Be human. Humans have emotions. Humans want social status, power, strength, wealth, mastery, and health (to continue the survival of their genes). Use mannerisms and inflections in tone to express more while communicating. Use common language while communicating. How many people understand the word “boy” and how many people understand the word “FET compressor”? Simplify all communications.

Be human. Admit your flaws. Don’t overly be perfect. Understand your bandwidth limits and share with your audience. If you approach modern business building aiming to Take, take, take… you’ll simply be left with a fleeting business that won’t last long.

Humans reciprocate. If you want something from someone else, you must first give. Don’t expect a tree when you never planted a seed.

Your audience will understand any human interruptions that may occur in your life but they’re also human and you build trust with them by fulfilling your promises.

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